Ammie Sykes

I throw and coil stoneware vessels and forms, using a mix of coloured clays to create coiled vessels with simple, strong outline shapes. The forms are inspired by the sense of calm and connection that comes from creating art or being out in the local landscape that is weathered by time and imprinted by humans.

Teaching and making ceramics full time in Slaithwaite fulfils both of my creative missions. The first is to share my own search for a sense of mind and body awareness that comes when we fully engage with making with our hands in clay and connecting to ourselves and our ancestors through one of the oldest artforms, in the hope that people will be drawn to my clay forms through their stillness and simplicity. And secondly to work with communities with collaborative and colourful work to support the social connection that comes from creating in a space together.

This month at Fair Trader I am sharing the results of my quieter, more peaceful side of creating.