ARTHOUSE Unlimited

ARTHOUSE Unlimited is a not-for-profit business celebrating the work of people with complex epilepsy and learning disabilities, all of whom need different levels of support. Artists work alongside instructors to create unique commercial products which are then sold in shops such as Fair Trader. Each artist brings a different skill to the enterprise and every contribution is highly valued. Their artwork is used to create homewares, soaps, bags, brooches and more. Artwork is printed onto natural and organic materials, keeping the environment in mind.

Artist Sarah January:


"It makes me really happy coming here and I’m so proud to be part of this. I enjoy coming to meet people and be social, it makes me feel independent. I did the ‘Hot Dog’ design, that is now on a cushion and cup and saucer. 

I’ve been living at the Meath for 10 years and now I’m looking to move into independent living as I don’t have seizures anymore, I haven’t had one since 2009. I used to have regular seizures before that, they made me really tired."

Adam Crocker has had epilepsy since he was 17.


He says, “I don't mind having epilepsy but it has made quite an impression on my life. I’ve been coming to ARTHOUSE Unlimited for a year and a half. I love coming here because I like doing all the different artwork and we can chat and have a tea break! ARTHOUSE Unlimited has helped me feel pleased, I like the working with the instructors. When someone buys my work I feel very proud as it means that people like it.”

Offering a sense of purpose lies at the heart of ARTHOUSE Unlimited’s philosophy, in line with their belief that feeling truly respected improves health and wellbeing. Their aim is to challenge perceptions of people’s disabilities and to create better acceptance and inclusion for the disabled.

They hope to offer more opportunities to people in other towns across the UK.  100% of sales revenue sustains the enterprise, enabling it to expand and evolve.