Jim Robison – Holmfirth Legend

Introducing Jim Robison Holmfirth Legend, one of the artists who will be showcasing their work at featured@ fair trader this October Born and educated in the Midwest USA. Moved to […]


Exploring Lindsay Norman.

With her Superb Atmospheric Freestyle Wildlife Illustrations at Fair Trader An Exhibition in the featured @ fair trader pop-up shop. Exploring Lindsay Norman. Lindsay Norman is an artist who is […]


Brushing Nature’s Serenity: Heather Bacon

Come and visit us at Fair Trader and see Heather Bacon, Brushing Nature’s Serenity. Originally hailing from the picturesque county of Cornwall. Heather has called Yorkshire home for over four […]


Are people losing interest in Fair Trade?

Awareness and interest? Are people losing interest in Fair Trade? Does public interest and awareness of fair trade fluctuate? These factors include changing consumer preferences, economic conditions, and marketing efforts […]


Exploring Belonging: Ellie Waters’ Artistic Journey

An Exhibition Unveiling Home, Identity, and Community Through Lens and Emotion British-born artist Ellie Waters resides in Aotearoa, New Zealand, and Northern England. Drawing from her own experiences of emigration, […]