Bathing Beauty

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Bathing Beauty specialises in affordable and effective bath and body care. 

A former international model, Georgina (George) Jones was well aware of the need to keep her skin in top condition and would mix up her own natural skincare concoctions on location. An accident, coupled with her lifelong interest in herbalism and homeopathy, gave her the impetus to leave the fashion industry and start up her own business. Now also a practicing osteopath, she is passionate about natural products and processes, people and the planet

George runs Bathing Beauty from The Source, a Victorian cart shed in the foothills of the Clwydian Range in Wales, where all the products are made from her original recipes.

Bathing Beauty uses only natural, ethically-sourced ingredients and slow processes to ensure purity and quality. Many of the herbs are grown on site from seed, and local spring water is used. All products are certified by the Vegetarian Society or the Vegan Society and products are not animal-tested. Packaging is gender-neutral and either recyclable or biodegradable. 

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Bathing Beauty makes soaps, scrubs and salts, balms, salves and rubs, as well as eco-friendly make-up and bathroom items. Their products can help to ease a variety of conditions such as muscle and joint pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, eczema, diabetic skin concerns, psoriasis, sunburn, dermatitis and insomnia.