Can you buy wellness?

Yes, you can buy wellness. And it’s not just candles and bubble baths.

Wellness as a concept has exploded into every area of our lives and gained increasing popularity since the lockdown. If we look at what actual wellness means for all of us and look at how we can buy into it.

Wellness is and this does vary slightly according to which article you read. But put simply it’s evolving individual process of pursuing well-informed choices and lifestyles. These choices or lifestyles focus on our physical and mental health, our happiness, and our personal growth.

Can we buy this then? Well, a few candles and a relaxing soak in a hot bath may do the trick, in the short term. But in the long term, individual wellness is a progressive process of being aware and making choices that lead toward an outcome of holistic health and well-being.       

What things would we buy to massively increase this state of wellness?

Spend your cash with businesses that put people first globally and locally and benefit you and your community – economically and environmentally. Validate your purchases by choosing Fairtrade or fairly traded goods. How good will you feel if you know the things you buy are not manipulating the wellness of others? Knowing that these communities aren’t exploited for increased profits. No slave labour and poverty wages or unsustainable extraction or pollution of natural resources.

Recent research by a renowned sociologist Dr. Ann Le Mare from Durham University has published work on the impact of fair trade on the well-being of women workers in Bangladesh.

She compared groups of women in fair trade and non-fair trade employment and she found fair trade employment had a massive effect on the well-being of the women. significantly reducing poverty, and social well-being for them and their extended families and community

But here at Fair Trader we always make sure all our products are rigorously researched so you can be assured you are buying from the most fairly traded brands. Why not come in a have a look at our new suppliers? And buy a little bit of wellness and well-being for you, the producer,s and our world at large.

Buy wellness USE fairly traded products

Wellness ideas – Our top picks at Fair Trader:

Look at our new wellness ideas. Try out these luxurious Aviela products. Smooth, sumptuous, and all ethically sound. The pure 100% shea butter is sourced from a women’s cooperative in northern Ghana.
AURA QUE Mita Handmade Felt Slippers
AURA QUE works closely with small producer groups that are WFTO (World Fair Trade Organisation) members to ensure healthy and safe work environments and payment of living wages.
ARTHOUSE Unlimited X FRUU together takes wellness to another level with their wonderful cosmetics that are mindful, easy on the body, super calming for the soul, and excellent for the planet.
This lovely soothing balm contains mango butter, upcycled watermelon, and avocado seed oil, and nourishing shea butter.
Labre’s Hope are one of the first non-profit businesses employing people experiencing homelessness. It’s a chance for a full-time steady income and the result is these gorgeous luxury soaps.