Did Caroline Lewis Combine Ceramics and Fine Art Seamlessly?

Did Caroline Lewis Combine Ceramics and Fine Art Seamlessly? Pop along to Fair Trader Holmfirth in October and find out.

Caroline’s artistic journey is a testament to the enduring power of creative expression. While her formal education led her to a BA in Ceramics and Fine Art in 1972. In fact her path in life took an unexpected but successful turn into the world of food.

Art, however, never truly left Caroline’s life. It remained a constant presence, an undercurrent of her existence. Whether through drawing, ceramics, jewelry, or, eventually, painting, her creative spirit persisted. It wasn’t until she sold her beloved food business that she could fully devote herself. To her true artistic passion—painting.

Caroline’s art primarily finds expression through acrylic paintings, with landscapes as her primary muse. The subjects she chooses are diverse, yet her heart finds solace in the Yorkshire landscapes. Particularly the sweeping curves of the Yorkshire Wolds where she enjoys her walks. These landscapes serve as both inspiration and canvas for her semi-abstract creations.

Caroline Lewis face

What makes Caroline’s work truly intriguing is her willingness to experiment. She occasionally incorporates other materials like collage and printing into her paintings, pushing the boundaries of traditional art. While she may use photographs for reference, she doesn’t seek to replicate reality but instead captures the essence and emotions of the scene.

Her body of work reflects the themes she has been diligently developing over the past few years, including small “sketches” that delve into more abstract territory. Caroline’s artistic journey is a testament to the transformative power of following one’s passions, even after years of pursuing a different path. Through her paintings, she shares her deep connection to the landscapes of Yorkshire, inviting viewers to experience the beauty and emotion that she sees in every curve of the chalk hills and every expanse of the Vale of York.