Are people losing interest in Fair Trade?

Awareness and interest? Are people losing interest in Fair Trade? Does public interest and awareness of fair trade fluctuate? These factors include changing consumer preferences, economic conditions, and marketing efforts […]


Holmfirth History and its Toll House

Holmfirth history and its Toll House, is the theme of Fair Traders Heritage Open Days this September 2023. Fair Trader is situated in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire. the toll house which […]


Can you buy wellness?

Yes, you can buy wellness. And it’s not just candles and bubble baths. Wellness as a concept has exploded into every area of our lives and gained increasing popularity since […]


Slow fashion gifts for under £50

Easy ways to choose slow fashion and fair trade Slow Fashion Gifts are becoming more and more popular. People are shopping with sustainability and fair working conditions in mind. It’s […]