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It’s a first for Chloe Lindley at Fair Trader. We are so happy to be exhibiting her wonderful pots.

chloe lindley at featured @ fair trader

Chloe Lindley

I was drawn to ceramics for the mindfulness it brings, the tactile experience, playfulness, and connection to the earth.

Born and raised in Huddersfield, my current works are inspired by the surrounding hills, rainy days, and puddles.

I use muted, earthy colours, and often decorate with coloured slip and sgraffito. I sometimes burnish the surface with a spoon, which is a time-consuming process, but leaves a smooth finish, without glaze, where the warmth of the clay can come through.

While I mostly throw pots on the wheel, I’ve been enjoying the simplicity (and less mess) of making pinch pots lately. It feels very instinctive, and I like how the glaze puddles in the traces of fingerprints, forever imprinted in the pot.

Chloe Lindley April 2023