Cycle of Good

Cycle of Good is a long-term development project employing 18 tailors in Malawi’s Chilomoni Township.


Using waste inner tubes and other recyclable products shipped from the UK, along with locally-printed cloth, the tailors handcraft a range of items including wallets, laptop cases, baskets and coffee sack bags for sale internationally. 

Since 2007, over 2000 local women (and the occasional man!) have been trained in tailoring, learning valuable literacy and life skills along the way. Each woman earns more than treble the minimum wage in Malawi, where paid work is vital – with no welfare state, no work means no food. CoG provides a pension scheme, paid holiday and access to subsidised childcare. 


The company also helps numerous artisan craft businesses around the local town, buying their creative, eco-friendly goods for export.  

Their ethos is: to treat team and customers fairly; to reduce waste, recycle wherever possible and care for the environment by working frugally; to be creative yet practical by crafting lasting products that serve a purpose.

All proceeds from Cycle of Good sales fund a vital Children’s Centre in Chilomoni which provides care and family support to around 2000 vulnerable children at any one time.