Fair Trader Holmfirth is a coop how is that different than the Coop?

Fair Trader Holmfirth, as a cooperative (coop), operates under the same principles of cooperation as the broader cooperative movement. However, there are some key differences between Fair Trader and a traditional cooperative.

Ownership and Governance:

Fair Trader is a specific cooperative enterprise, whereas “the coop” generally refers to the wider cooperative movement. Fair Trader is a community-owned cooperative, meaning that it is owned and governed by its members who are typically individuals within the local community. In contrast, “the coop” can refer to various types of cooperatives, including consumer cooperatives, worker cooperatives, or producer cooperatives, each with its own ownership and governance structure.

Focus and Purpose:

Fair Trader’s primary focus is on promoting fair trade and ethically sourced products. It serves as a platform for artisans and craftspeople, both local and international, to showcase their goods. The cooperative’s purpose is to empower these artisans and ensure they receive fair compensation for their work. On the other hand, the broader cooperative movement encompasses a wide range of industries and sectors, including agriculture, finance, housing, and more. The cooperative movement aims to foster cooperation, democratic decision-making, and equitable distribution of benefits across various sectors of the economy.

Product Offering:

Fair Trader specifically curates and sells ethically sourced and fair trade products, such as handmade crafts, textiles, and artwork. Their focus is on providing consumers with a selection of goods that have been produced under fair labour conditions and environmentally sustainable practices. In contrast, “the coop” can refer to different types of cooperative businesses that provide various goods and services based on the specific industry or sector they operate in. For example, consumer cooperatives can include grocery stores, retail outlets, or energy cooperatives.

Impact and Social Mission:

While both Fair Trader and the wider cooperative movement have a social mission, Fair Trader’s impact is centered around promoting fair trade practices and supporting marginalised artisans. The cooperative aims to address global social justice and economic inequality through its product selection and business practices. The broader cooperative movement, while also driven by principles of social responsibility and community benefit, encompasses a wider range of social, economic, and environmental goals depending on the specific type of cooperative.

In summary

Fair Trader is a cooperative that focuses on promoting fair trade and ethically sourced products, with an emphasis on supporting artisans and ensuring fair compensation. It is a specific cooperative enterprise within the broader cooperative movement, which encompasses various types of cooperatives in different sectors and industries.     

Fair Trader Co-operative in Holmfirth

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