Fair trader supplier stories – Bennett’s Booties.

This month we visited Liz of Bennett’s Booties, in her home garage-convert studio in Netherthong, Yorkshire.

We’ve stocked Liz’s homemade baby booties since 2015, and we get nothing but glowing reviews for their durability, warmth and wriggle-free design.

Liz started making her booties over forty years ago, making them first for her children and her friends. Her booties are made from recycled sheepskin coats, sourced in local charity shops. Having worked at Holmfirth’s ‘Up Country’ which many of us will have fond memories of, she’s still stocked up on an abundance of wool.

Part hobby and part therapy, Liz explains the process of knitting relaxes her, and she’s happy the outcome can be useful for others. She knits whilst relaxing at home and even when on the go, she’s known for taking her knitting on long train journeys to see her children in the South of England.

Liz spent most of her working life as a Social Worker but always loved art. She says this is now her time to play, to create and be free. Alongside knitting, she also has a love for paper crafts and you can find her at our local community hub, Holmfirth Tech and the fabulous Unity Yard, Holmfirth in the coming months hosting her own workshops.

We love Liz’s Booties, and love having them in stock here at fair trader. Please come down and see her amazing work.

Thanks Liz!