Fairtrade Mother’s Day Gifts

Fair Trade Gifts for Mum

Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate Mums all around the world. This year it is celebrated in the UK on Sunday March the 19th 2023.

Here at Fair Trader we have you covered, with our wonderful selection of Fairtrade products, that your mum is sure to love. But, also by purchasing from our range of Mother’s Day gifts, not only are you putting a smile on your Mum’s face, but you could be doing the same on the other side of the globe.

Supporting Fairtrade Farmers

By purchasing an ethically sourced product, you could be helping a mother put food on the table for her children. By offering her a fair wage it could mean she has enough to invest in her child’s education, into their future. It can help her to build the local community, to create opportunities for other Fairtrade farmers and workers and support future generations.

Fairtrade Premium (an allocated bonus, calculated on volumes of produce sold from source) also allows for the provision of maternity care, clinics, childcare support and education, that help support mothers, their children and mothers-to-be.

Shop Fair Trade this Mother’s Day:

Shop our range of gifts, from Fairtrade Jewellery to our ethically sourced Candles. Shop online or visit our store, based in Holmfirth, for a wide range of products. What’s more, you can rest easy knowing that you are helping support other mothers, their children and their communities with your purchase.