featured@ fair Trader Application

If you are interested in becoming one of our featured artists, please read the Terms of Residence below and complete the application form. We will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Terms of Residence

  • Commission is 50% of retail price of works sold. In return we charge no rent/fee.  
  • Artists will have shared use of the big display window for 10 days at the start of the exhibition to promote and display work (one window for all artists). We expect you as a group of artists to put in the window display. A guide on window display is available.

Artists will agree to:

  • Write an Artist’s Blog for our website and to display in the featured@ room. We need this at least 2 weeks before the exhibition. We will provide branded posts for social media for you to promote your work in our space. A blog template is available – please ask.
  • If you would like an event or workshop, this has to be agreed at least a month in advance. We will be happy to work with you on this as a group or as an individual (day or evening, to be agreed).
  • Become a member of Fair Trader.
  • Promote featured@ fair trader on social media and tag Fair Trader in posts. Fair Trader will  promote your work to our members and customers and via social media.
  • We need your price points at least a week before, so we can upload them on our EPOS system. Price stock in blocks so they can be easily listed we do not need an inventory just the price points. eg £30, £120, £3 etc. Items will be named, eg, ‘Zoe @ £30’ rather than by the name you may have chosen. This is to save admin time and confusion as we are staffed mainly by volunteers.
  • We will provide you will our Epos scan tickets, which you will need to place on your work, alternatively, we have branded labels for more delicate or expensive work. We are happy to print the labels but it is your responsibility to label your work.
  • Provide (by email) a copy of your Public Liability Insurance to ensure you are covered for any theft or damage to your work. 
  • Put in and take down and remove work by an agreed date.

Upon acceptance, we will let you know our availability and agree on dates for you to exhibit. The room upstairs will be closed while you set up. We are open 7 days a week and we do get incredibly busy around weekends so Friday to Sunday will be avoided for set-up if possible. Once accepted, feel free to pop by and take measurements during our opening hours. 

Application Form