Slow fashion gifts for under £50

Easy ways to choose slow fashion and fair trade

Slow Fashion Gifts are becoming more and more popular. People are shopping with sustainability and fair working conditions in mind. It’s Fashion Revolution Week coming up on 22nd – 29th April and here at Fair Trader in Holmfirth, we think we can offer some fashionable clothing gift ideas that are an ethical and a more cost-effective alternative to fast fashion.

Fashion Revolution Week 2023 marks 10 years since the Rana Plaza tragedy in Bangladesh.

Maybe you remember this horrific day when this clothing factory fell and killed 1,134 people working inside. The victims were making clothes for our big fashion brands. During Fashion Revolution week we remember the people who died and perhaps question whether people should die for fashion.           

What does fast fashion versus sustainable fashion really mean?

Typically fast fashion is lower-priced fashion with no sustainable or ethical claims. But this argument may be a too simplified view as claims on ethics and sustainability are sometimes all hype. And big brands know this and aren’t averse to “greenwashing”.

But here at Fair Trader we always make sure all our products are rigorously researched so you can be assured you are buying from the most ethical brands. Most of our suppliers are now B-corps too!

There is the misconception that ethical branding comes at a premium price. But some newer brands are trying to change the costings and make ethical choices easier to make for all of us.

Slow Fashion Gifts – know who made your clothes!

Slow Fashion Gifts – Our fair and ethical clothing ideas:

All Otso products are made in India to FairWear ethical standards. What this means is families abroad are paid an honest living wage. These unisex tees are designed and screen printed by Simon at Otso in Slaithwaite, Huddersfield.
AURA QUE Mita Handmade Felt Slippers
AURA QUE works closely with small producer groups that are WFTO (World Fair Trade Organisation) members to ensure healthy and safe work environments and payment of living wages.
Dalit - Organic Cotton - Floral PJs
Dalit 100% organic cotton pyjamas. The cotton used in these beautiful pyjamas is grown without the use of toxic pesticides. Meaning workers don’t get exposed to harmful chemicals. Dalit nightwear is 100% organic cotton, meaning you can sleep comfortably in body and mind.
Namaste seeks to support marginalised small producers, aiming to help workers move from income insecurity to economic self-sufficiency. The manufacture of goods for us generates income for local communities and we hope that these benefits should enrich quality of life.