Grumpy Mule visits Fair Trader

In November we were lucky enough to have Theo and Jack from Grumpy Mule Coffee with us, answering customer questions and handing out free samples of their delicious coffee.

Grumpy Mule is an award-winning, independent coffee roaster based just up the road from us in Meltham. They share many of the same core beliefs as us, with their commitment to sustainability, traceability and ethical sourcing.

Founded in 2006, with the mission to “fight the blight of bad coffee”, they source fairly and sustainably to make sure that their growers share in their success.

While these standards are held across the full range of Grumpy Mule coffees, Theo and Jack were eager to tell us about their Peru beans and the story behind them – ‘’Women make a vital contribution to global coffee supply, and in many parts of the world are largely responsible for the family coffee farm. Unfortunately, in many places, women still lack basic fundamental rights and freedoms.

We have partnered with the Café Femenino foundation to help encourage gender equality at origin, by supporting women coffee farmers in Peru. We pay a premium for every bag of Peru Femenino coffee that we buy which goes to support women in Peru to claim the legal right to the lands they farm, to take up leadership positions within the co-operative, to get paid directly for the coffee that they grow, and also to receive the premium paid for their coffees. Now we are Europe’s largest buyer of Café Femenino coffees.’’

At Fair Trader, we’re really proud to stock Grumpy Mule products, and to be able to share these incredible stories with you.

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