Indulis L Svikis aka Indie

During his 9 to 5 working life, Indie was involved in the manufacturing and service industries. Over the years he had a variety of roles, including manager, lecturer, and consultant. Once he retired, Indie made the conscious decision to spend his time pursuing his long-held passion for the creative arts.

Like many creatives, Indie finds that he’s now working harder than ever! He is an artist, poet, musician, and published writer.

For Indie, art is a medium to express his thoughts and feelings. He seeks to capture a “moment in time” and then share that moment. He challenges viewers to look beyond the veneer of the impression; readers to seek what is behind the puzzle of the poetry or the cryptic story behind the satire; and listeners to notice more than simply the shades of the quaver.

Indie is looking forward to sharing his collection of “Moments in Time” with visitors to Fair Trader Holmfirth his tenancy in the Featured@ space upstairs in the shop.

Whilst engaging with any art form Indie encourages us to consider the following:

• As I look, what do I see, what have I missed?

• As I read, what does the wordsmith wish to leave with me?

• As I watch, what emotions do the performers wish to share with me?

• As I listen, what do I hear?

Please feel free to visit my on-line interactive creative arts gallery

Example of Indie's work, print showing the back of a girl standing by a pool