Is the hype about Tony’s chocolate justified?

What’s the big deal, chocolate is chocolate?

What hype you may be asking? I’ve never tried it.

Well, I can assure you Tony’s Chocolate tastes great, more than great, it’s absolutely delicious. It’s chunky, thick, and satisfyingly scrummy. (Actually, it never melts in my mouth as I gnaw at a bar like a frenzied beaver). It’s colourful, fun and it’s different from anything else we have ever had. And the hype? What does hype mean? It means excellent and cool, and I would argue this is exactly what Tony’s is.

But most importantly it’s ethically sound. This matters. Ethical chocolate brands should have sustainable packaging, and a transparent, organic cocoa supply chain.

Brownie points for Tony’s

1. They exist to end slavery in the chocolate industry

2. Their mission is to make 100% slave free the norm in chocolate.

3. they are committed to ending illegal child labour

4. With incredibly tasty chocolate, they lead by example and show the world that chocolate can be made differently.

5. The more people that choose slave free and spread the message, the sooner 100% slave free will be the norm in chocolate.

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