Jane Middleton – Artist Blog

Jane Middleton - Artist blog

We are very excited to introduce you to Jane Middleton, one of the artists who will be showcasing their work at featured@ fair trader.

Jane is a qualified art teacher and is working on a self-employed basis running art workshops for children and adults, and CPD sessions for teachers alongside creating and selling her illustration work.

She’s gone back to her roots, pursuing her passion for creative drawing, after graduating with a degree in illustration “many moons ago” at the University of Teesside; which was very local to her home town of Darlington. Jane practices art in the form of murals, window art and commercial illustration, as well as some fine art illustrations such as the pieces exhibited here at Fair Trader. She is aiming to produce work in the editorial illustration sector.


Jane illustrates empowered women, focusing on the celebration of the female form and the growth, change and healing we experience as we live our lives and grow. Her curvaceous figures represent perfectly imperfect versions of women. Some of her pieces are inspired by Folk art stylisation.

Jane also uses local landscapes and outdoor experiences as inspiration for her illustration. Places that she has a special connection with are also used as a focus for her work. These landscape pieces are an emphasis of the significance of the great outdoors, fresh air, exploration and its positive impact on our well-being.

Jane uses an array of materials however, her preferred medium is inks combined with bleach as its alchemy is a therapeutic practice. She also makes marks using various mixed media to create collage pieces and is in love with the delicate, unpredictable marks made from mono printing techniques. She works digitally too.

“To exhibit and sell at Fair Trader is a real honour. It’s a personal and professional achievement to exhibit amongst other local artists and makers and to support and be supported by the local community. I have become much more ethically minded over the last couple of years with regard to my production and sourcing of art materials as well as within our home. My cards are made from recycled card and I’ve ditched their cellophane wrappers. I’m phasing out my cellophane print bags and have introduced compostable & recyclable products for some.”

Jane Middleton, November 2022

Jane Middleton - Peace, Love, Joy
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