Just Trade

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Founded in 2006 by jewellery designer Laura Cave, Just Trade collaborates with artisans around the world to create handmade jewellery and accessories.


The company was born out of first-hand contact with real people in the developing world, and the recognition that in order for small fair trade projects to be sustainable, they need a long-term route to market for their goods.


Just Trade now works with eight groups of artisans in Peru, Ecuador, India and Vietnam.

Combining traditional craft skills and materials with expert knowledge of contemporary jewellery and accessories, they have developed ranges of unique, characterful pieces.


From exquisite crocheted silverwork to beautifully carved tagua pendants, distinctive products are made with care and skill from locally-sourced and ethical materials where possible.

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The Just Trade UK team has over twenty years of experience working with fair trade projects in South America and Asia. After studying at leading universities, the members of the UK design team have individual specialisms in jewellery, photography, illustration and graphic design.