Karin Rose Dubois


Life itself is a work of art, and we live in an evocative world, filled with colour, light, texture, movement, place, nature, people, shared experiences.

Yorkshire artist, Karin Rose Dubois, sums up her view on her creative-expressive place in the world with this quote, “Our time here is but a fleeting moment, a whisper in the grand symphony of existence. I’m going out and seeing how beautiful life is.” And this is what she loves to share through her art, and with art collectors who feel transformed by the same – all vividly expressed on canvas and paper.

Much of Karin’s working life has been in branding, communications, marketing, digital, media, journalism, and television. Regardless of the medium and technology of the day, it is always about creative communication, and timeless storytelling, through the ages, and from the heart. Through Karin’s work, our profoundly evocative world is being communicated and shared. The impulse to share the beauty of our world is even stronger as we navigate very challenging times on our planet.

Karin is originally a South African-born artist who now lives an artistic life close to extraordinary and ancient natural beauty areas in northern England. An inherent artist, from a family of artists, the melding of these two worlds spanning two continents, two hemispheres, one planet, has conferred many distinct cornerstones and layered richness. From African savannah to heathered moors.

Working mostly in acrylic on canvas, Karin also explores watercolours, inks, pen and charcoal. She has done numerous commissions as well, notably for art collectors who also wish to acquire an original painting of a special time and place that brought them joy. From their favourite garden space, to wonderful holiday destination memories.

Expressive and instinctive, Karin’s art is a reminder of the innate natural wonders that surround us all – inside and out.