KuSan started in 2000 when its founders fell in love, not only with Nepal’s people, culture and stunning landscapes, but also with its striking style of knitted clothing.


They brought back a selection to the UK and demand was so high that they gave up their old jobs to pursue all things warm and woolly, including hats, accessories and rugs.

All staff involved with KuSan receive good wages and work fair hours in a healthy and safe environment. There is no child labour associated with the company.


Sufficient breaks, free staff food and the encouragement of collective bargaining and freedom of association further instil a sense of self-worth and pride.


Each year KuSan contribute to community initiatives within the Kathmandu Valley.

All KuSan’s wool is sourced from New Zealand, where sheep farmers have followed a voluntary code of conduct banning the controversial practice of 'mulesing' for the past several years; in 2018 this code of conduct became law.


Carbon footprint is kept low by shipping by sea, using air freight only as an occasional last resort when necessary. The company makes an annual contribution to Carbon Footprint, helping to support projects that will reduce carbon dioxide emissions and alleviate global warming.