Laura Skilbeck: home in the Saddleworth Hills

Laura Skilbeck: home in the Saddleworth Hills. This exhibition is an exploration of the place between the physical and her feeling of that thing. A translation of her experience of the world. An incantation of the invisible things that are felt by the heart more than seen by the eyes. Rooted in her home in the Saddleworth Hills, her artwork depicts her world. While making sense of our place here, between the eternal and the everyday.

She takes inspiration from stopping to notice. With glimpses of how the glare separates into white beams as you squint toward the sun. Or the magic of the light reflecting off of all the green at the river. Or the beautiful white glow that comes when you are tired at dusk. The abstract colours and shapes that make up our world.

In using oil paint, slowness is imposed on the process. Laura says there is something about slowing down to this meditative state that lets the work reveal itself.

She is currently painting a new series, glimpses of everyday life and light. People and places and plants, painted on rubbish found on the floor. As well as running, for the last twelve years, a sustainable greetings card company. The company illustrates a range of original designs on recycled cards. Laura has also worked on many collaborative and community art projects. As well as exhibiting her work at various venues around the UK.

Laura Skilbeck has also spent ten years singing and playing guitar in my band Hotpants Romance. Releasing two albums in the UK and USA. As well as playing gigs in charity shops, schools, and the Sheila’s Wheels Cadillac, and touring internationally. She has a First Class degree in Interactive Arts from the Manchester School of Art. As well as spending three years, co-creating Islington Art Academy, a free, artist-led, art school in Salford.

Apart from her creative endeavors, Laura conducts group art sessions. And in her spare time tends to her allotment, and is recording an album of acoustic songs.

Laura’s artistic journey is an ongoing exploration, driven by a passion for new ideas and creative expression.