Local Landscape & Botanical Artist in Holmfirth

Welcome back to Pippa Ashworth, a returning artist and regular shopper at Fair Trader. Pippa will be on show in Holmfirth with her new work at featured@ fair trader this May. Pippa will be exhibiting her work as mainly as prints and cards.

Pippa Ashworth painting

Pippa Ashworth

Landscape & Botanical Artist

Pippa has previously worked as a lecturer in a local Art College for 23 years and she is now a full-time painter. But now this lovely local Botanical Artist is on show in Holmfirth.

Born in Middlesex, Pippa moved to Yorkshire in 1973 working as a lecturer teaching Printmaking and Photography for most of her career. But painting is increasingly becoming an important part of her life and she finally took the plunge in 2012 to paint full-time.

We are so lucky to have Pippa so local and and she exhibits and sells her paintings throughout the North of England.

Pippa explains an essential part of her work involves exploring combinations of colour and textures using watercolour,
acrylics, acrylic inks, and mixed media in order to create marks both accidental and deliberate.

Pippa’s routine

Walking, exploring, and visually recording the landscape is very much a part of my creative process.

I make sketches and take photographs while I am out and then use these to develop and
complete work back in the studio.

I exhibit work through Galleries and in Exhibitions locally and nationally.

Pippa Ashworth, May 2023

Website: Pippa Ashworth

Instagram: @doodlepip64