Nila Rubia

Nila Rubia follows an ancestral family line of traditional textile artists in Rajasthan, India, going back 600 years. Rooted in the Mughal tradition, pieces are expertly hand-crafted in family-run workshops, where ancient techniques are kept alive by an inspiring community of colour masters, wooden block carvers, dyers and tailors. Embellishments, patchwork and appliqué sewing are often applied by women artists who are very talented at their work. This is a tradition which is passed down through the generations, and work that can be incorporated into day-to-day life.

Each Nila Rubia piece is completely unique and ethically hand-crafted using azo-free non-chemical dyes and natural vegetable dyes where possible. The Dabu mud-resist technique uses layers of many natural materials and is completely environmentally friendly. Many prints have historical reference and depict a place, a time and a community in the region. The company researches and re-works these prints using unique colour combinations, creating a very subtle blend of East-meets-West.

Jobs are created in rural areas of Jaipur where work is often scarce. The company supports independent families by giving individual artists the opportunity to do detailed work in the comfort of their own homes.


Nila Rubia advocates fair wages, good working conditions and freedom of choice and is developing self-supporting initiatives for women and girls.