Otso – the Spirit of the Bear

Otso Clothing produces stylish casual wear, including T-shirts and hoodies, in collaboration with local artists and illustrators. All of the garments are manufactured to Fair Wear Foundation Standards, are printed in Slaithwaite and finished in Huddersfield.


The bear is seen in Scandinavian folklore as a friend, brother and forest cousin; this spirit-of-the-bear-inspired clothing label pursues a dream of collaborating with locally-based creative friends to create a range of stylish, contemporary garments. Bears are also in touch with the earth and the cycles of nature. This is echoed at Otso by seeking to use more eco-friendly recycled fabrics and organic cotton.

With a longing to create a clothing label that reflects an outdoor lifestyle whilst retaining a streetwear edge, Otso founder Simon Kenworthy was inspired by a life of boisterous escapades and wild experiences. From camping with pals as a youth in Hebden Bridge and Holmfirth, to, in more recent years, travelling to far-flung lands across the globe, it’s safe to say that Simon’s adventurous streak cannot be extinguished.


Otso brings quality, style and environmentally-conscious garments to those who want to look their best while doing their best for our planet.