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900 gift-wrapped mugs? No problem!

Updated: May 23, 2018

Fair Trader mug

Fair Trader has safely delivered 900 mugs from a family pottery in Southern India to Lincolnshire Co-op. Each one had been lovingly gift-wrapped and tied with a bow of Fair Trader ribbon by Fair Trader’s volunteers, making a very distinctive gift for every member attending the Society’s members’ meetings held throughout the county from 17th to 25th November. The order helped to support a pottery in India, which employs 13 female workers and 12 male workers, to continue providing regular work, gifts and bonuses to the workforce during the year.

The mugs were hand-thrown from local clay, painted, and glazed by the disadvantaged workers group in Pondicherry, India, whose enterprise has helped establish a community school. Fair Trader presented the first mug to Ursula Lidbetter, Chief Executive of Lincolnshire Co-op. They were also able to thank her in person for the order, which will help extensively to support the supplier in India.

“I have always been a supporter of the Fair Trader Co-operative,” said Ursula. “It was great to be able to go a step further and provide fair trade gifts to all our members. The mugs themselves are lovely and they were also beautifully wrapped. I hope that the suppliers were as happy to receive the order as our members were to receive their gifts.”

Fair Trader mug – box

Mark Lewis, director of Fair Trader said, “We are so grateful to our staff and volunteers who helped manhandle the 300kg of cartons up and down two flights of stairs and helped with the wrapping over the last month. We are hoping other societies will now consider us when thinking of corporate gifts.”

Fair Trader has a large range of products at its Holmfirth shop, and a select range of own-brand products on the webshop that can be given as corporate gifts and raffle prizes, for example. We also have bespoke gift boxes which include combinations of fair trade products from local suppliers and overseas providers. They make great unusual gifts, and both giver and recipient can feel good knowing they have supported a worthwhile cause.

For more information please contact info@fairtrader.coop or call us on 01484 690515.

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