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Allotment Visit and Walk

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

Allotment produce
We enjoyed a sun-drenched afternoon at the beautiful Stocksmoor allotment of Fair Trader members Sarah and Derek

On Tuesday 10 July we assembled under a crystal clear blue sky at Brockholes Station. Despite the absence of an IT-savvy four-year-old, we managed to get tickets from the new automated machine before the train pulled in! One stop later we alighted in Stocksmoor and made our way to the Kirklees allotment of Fair Trader members Sarah and Derek.

Although there has been no rain for weeks, we were met with a fantastic, colourful display of flowers, fruits and veg. This is no ordinary allotment. Curved bricks, retrieved when a local mill chimney was demolished, form the pathways. A unique shed has been lovingly crafted from old wooden doors and windows: perfect for a cuppa on a colder day than today.

Gardeners from adjacent plots appear, gather a colander of beans and an armful of flowers, and disappear home to prepare tea. It is very calm, quiet and still; no wonder Stocksmoor is such a popular place to live.

We all choose favourites – bright blue delphiniums, ruby chard, companion planted flowers and some astounding produce in the sweltering poly-tunnel.

It’s time for a cup of Fairtrade tea and a slice of home-made Poppy Seed and Apricot cake. Then we head off up the hill and across the tinder-dry fields, to begin our walk back to Brockholes. Stunning views. Spectacular azure sky with a single cloud. Beautiful butterflies, bees and a huge speckled fungus growing on a fallen tree. Parts of the walk offer welcome shade as we weave through the deciduous woodland. Then over the brow of the hill and we begin the descent. Hot, dusty and happy we arrive back in Brockholes.

Great garden, wonderful walk and a chance to make new friends. We vow to repeat the walk in 2019. With offers already on the table from Choppards and Upperthong, we hope to see you next year!

Kathryn Sheard, 11 July 2018

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