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Updated: Dec 21, 2021

This week our wonderful buyer, Lucy, has picked her top gifts from our range of products. Lucy is also the super talent behind LDMDesign, one of the five artists we currently have exhibiting on our top floor. If you can’t get in to see Lucy’s work, you can check out her beautiful products on Etsy.

As our buyer, Lucy has intimate knowledge of every item we stock as she has carefully and lovingly handpicked each product. It can’t have been easy for her to narrow down her top picks to just five, but she did it, and what a gorgeous selection she has made!

Bear Linen Apron from ThreadBear Design This is a practical and stylish gift for any kid or parent who needs a super cute way to keep their little one clean! Perfect for making, baking or crafting, this gorgeous apron with adjustable straps will fit ages 3-6, plus the lovely little bear face doubles as a pocket!

Lip Care Kit from Bathing Beauty Lucy’s desert island product would be lip balm (I have to say, I agree with her here), so this one for her is a dream gift. This Lip Smudge exfoliant and Lipslick conditioner are cruelty free, plastic free and come in a handy little tin – absolutely perfect for any fellow lip care lover!

Blästa Henriët Wheat Bag and Eye Pillow Lucy keeps hers in the freezer to help soothe aching muscles after an intense session at the gym. These beautifully-designed products can either be used hot or cold and have removable, washable covers. Available in a choice of two colours, they really are a perfect gift for anyone who needs a little TLC.

Green Grove Weavers Collage Scarf These beautiful colour block scarves are not only perfect for keeping you warm, but also for adding a bright splash to these darker months. Made in Scotland, using incredibly soft merino wool and hand finished by skilled craftspeople, the colours are inspired by the rich Scottish landscape.

The Lefrik Multi Wash Bag Earlier this year, Lucy and her partner converted a van into a camper so they would have the freedom to explore the UK with their dog. This gift is perfect for any fellow travel or camper enthusiast. There are four removable bags inside, all with handy compartments and a waterproof lining; also there’s a little strap so you can hang it anywhere. All of these great features, plus the fact that it’s made from recycled plastic bottles, make this colourful wash bag a really thoughtful and useful gift.

You can shop all of these products and more on our online shop or in store with us.

Fair Trader, December 2021

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