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Co-op Fortnight 2022

Co-op Fortnight takes place between Monday 20th June and Sunday 3rd July 2022. This year let’s help #UnwrapCoops and celebrate WHY we love co-operatives.

This year at Fair Trader, our side windows will be showcasing products made by some of the fabulous co-ops we work with from around the world.

We have some fantastic flags made for us by the children at Golcar Junior and Infant School, a member of the Aspire Co-operative Learning Trust. The Co-operative Values that this school subscribe to are: Self-help – Self-responsibility – Democracy – Equality – Equity – Solidarity

These principles are adhered to by most cooperatives. Why not see for yourself? A couple of local co-ops to visit are the Green Valley Grocer and the Handmade Bakery in Slaithwaite.

In our side windows this fortnight we will be displaying:

Gorgeous AURA QUE Mita Handmade Eco Felt Mule Slippers, which are hand-felted by a women's co-operative in the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal. AURA QUE have been working with the group since 2013.

Delicious Equal Exchange honey, a blend of organic raw honey from Mexico which is perfect in drinks and food or smothered on toast. This honey is produced by working with a handful of small farmer co-ops in Mexico called Miel Mexicana, Mieles de Sur, and Tzetlal.

Stunning York Scarves, made in a co-operative movement in a semi-rural area of North India. Initiated in 1977, this co-op is structured on a cottage industry basis with most of the community involved: some houses have weaving looms, some specialise in dying, some in tasselling, some in stitching.

Fair Trader, June 2022

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