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Community co-operation making a difference

Holmepride - Community in Action is a voluntary organisation seeking to improve the Holme Valley area for the benefit of residents, tourists and businesses alike. From organising clean-ups of the local parks, litter picking across the valley and painting litter bins to raising funds for local school projects, we are a dedicated and active group of volunteers.

Three and a half years on from becoming a constituted group at the request of Kirklees Council, we now have over 2,500 followers on our Facebook page.

We work together with local businesses to improve the lives of those living and working in the local area, encouraging residents to #shoplocal by making the area a joy to spend time in, and raising community spirit.

Taking part in events like The Great British Spring Clean helps to place a focus on waste, keeping our beautiful area litter-free and enjoyable for people of all ages, residents and tourists alike. Giving everyone a pleasant experience benefits local businesses, and working together we can place Holmfirth firmly on the map as the beautiful area it is.

With council funding dwindling country-wide, local community groups are filling the gaps in local amenities. This, for the Holme Valley, is where Holmepride-CiA can help.

One of our regular projects is litter-picking and we never know what we will find. Coins new, old and foreign; £10 notes on the slopes of Holme Moss, probably blown there after being dropped in the car park; debit cards, and even a pair of handcuffs – it's always like a treasure hunt. The most frequent litter items found are drink tins, Lucozade bottles, polystyrene food boxes, receipts, sweet and crisp wrappers and, most recently, PPE masks.

If anyone would like to come along on a Holmepride-CiA project, simply indicate your attendance on the appropriate project post on our Facebook page, or drop us a message with any questions to hello@holmepride.co.uk

To support our crowdfund project to raise funds for the Holmfirth J, I & N school allotment, please visit www.spacehive.com/allotment-holmfirth. Many thanks!

Holmepride - Community in Action, May 2021

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