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Updated: May 23, 2018

... by using Black Friday to make a difference in Nepal

The devastating earthquake and repeated aftershocks that struck Nepal on 25 April 2015 have had a big toll on life, property, infrastructure, cultural heritage and the ambient natural environment of the country.

Nearly 9000 people have been killed, 22000 injured and over half a million houses fully or partially damaged. More than three million people were rendered homeless. Nepal has been criticized for failing to develop the destroyed infrastructure and address the woes of the earthquake-affected people.

The scale of devastation caused by the earthquake is inconceivable. It has not only cost huge loss of human lives and destruction of material properties, it has also undermined the country’s hard-earned development achievements.

In the wake of the disaster, Nepal has entered into a deep political crisis with various groups demanding statehood in the new draft constitution, which proposes that Nepal be split into at least seven federal states. This political crisis has diverted the reconstruction issues and there is also an acute shortage of petrol.

In this situation, the support offered by the small charities set up by our suppliers to help their workers and their families remains crucial. Fair Trader has already raised over £1000 for them and, although Nepal has gone from the headlines, we want to continue to do our bit to help and that's why we're doing Black Friday with a difference.

Black Friday (27th November) is now an international shopping frenzy started by the Americans who, having gorged themselves over their Thanksgiving feasts, hit the shops chasing Christmas bargains. Spending of over $59bn was reported last year and it is a massive online event with retailers fighting for market share with ever more enticing dals. We hope our customers will join us to help lift the gloom after the devastation in Nepal on Black Friday and stock up for Christmas at fair trader.

We will donate 5p to our Nepal charities for every pound spent with us on Black Friday.

You can choose from an enticing range of beautifully designed ethical gift ideas both online and in our Holmfirth shop.

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