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Four new women join the Board

Updated: May 23, 2018

New Fair Trader Board members

At the AGM on Monday 25th July, Fair Trader announced four new board members and, just like the pattern we see of world leaders at the moment, they have gone for an all-female cast.

The new board members are Michelle Brown, Kathryn Sheard, Shelagh Uden and Liz Cuerden. All of the women have many years of experience between them in retail, marketing, employee relations and fair trade. Gerard Hetherington, chairman of the board at Fair Trader said, "It is great to see so many of Fair Trader's volunteers wanting to become board members and contribute to the shop’s further progress and growth. We have had a good track record over the six years since we set up Fair Trader, keeping our heads above water when so many other new businesses have failed. With this new influx of talent having expertise in the areas that really count, we think Fair Trader will go from strength to strength."

Kathryn Sheard remembers one of the shop's customers saying, " 'Fair Trader is the secret Liberty's of Yorkshire.' We need to stop being a secret and become more well known. We think the shop is amazing and really want to share its delights with other people. I think we will help the board get a new lease of life for the next phase of this wonderful emporium. Our expertise in marketing, retail and employee relations will help with spreading the word and helping the volunteers to develop in their roles."

Mark Lewis, Secretary at Fair Trader said, "The shop was started in June 2010 by five directors, including Helen Robinson and Elisabeth Bounds, so it’s good to see some more women added to the board. It shows how much people believe in us and helps with what we are set up to do, give help, support and guidance to businesses around the world and here at home."

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