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Golcar St John's School flies the Fairtrade flag

Updated: Jun 28, 2018

Golcar St John's Church School

On Wednesday 20th April 2016, all 212 children at Golcar St John’s CE Junior and Infant School took part in a Fairtrade assembly. The school, with pupils aged 4-11, is part of the Aspire Co-operative Learning Trust and Fair Trader is a Trust partner.

Volunteers from Fair Trader were part of the launch of a whole-school focus on fairness and justice. You don’t have to spend long at Golcar St John’s to realise that the pupils really do live out the school ethos – they show kindness and treat each other with respect.

Surrounded by Fairtrade balloons and bunting, the children delved into a shopping bag of Fairtrade food and goods, all grown or made outside the UK in countries like Afghanistan, Bolivia, Colombia, India and South Africa – faraway places where the sun shines more than in Golcar!

Pupils Neve, Harrison, George, Estelle, Dominic and Brienna introduced some of the Fairtrade products, taking the roles of real-life farmers, makers and their families. Describing Banafrucoop Fairtrade Bananas, Fairtrade Footballs, Divine Fairtrade Chocolate and Cocoa, Qi Fairtrade Tea, Tropical Wholefoods Fairtrade Raisins, Tropical Wholefoods Fairtrade Dried Mangoes and Grumpy Mule Fairtrade Coffee, the children talked about the way Fairtrade improves the lives of so many people.

Likewise, pupils Thomas, Evan, Freya and Evelyn talked about how growing coffee the Fairtrade way is good for the environment, the farmers and the planet.

The assembly closed with a question for the children, "Do you think Fairtrade is worth supporting?"  All classes are now going to study fairness and justice.

Kathryn Sheard – April 2016

  • Think about becoming a Fairtrade

  • Visit Fair Trader in Holmfirth

  • Find out more about Fairtrade

  • Celebrate World Fair Trade Day on 14 May 2016

  • Celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight in late February every year

  • Celebrate One World Week 23-30 October 2016

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