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Updated: Feb 3

We are very excited to introduce you to Holly Carr, one of the artists who will be showcasing their work at featured@ fair trader for the next two months.

Holmfirth-native Holly Carr is the founder, designer, pattern drafter, cutter and seamstress for ‘pocket’ - a slow-living label providing a new lease of life to existing textiles.

How did you get into sewing?

I’ve been a maker of things for as long as I can remember. I started sewing as a teenager, customising all my second-hand clothing to make things more unique. The first garment I ever made was a strapless dress made from two vintage silk scarves sewn together with an elasticated bodice.

After several years working in the textile industry and making clothes for myself in my spare time, I decided to go back to school and study for a Bachelor of Design in Fashion.

What came next?

I studied design, pattern cutting and garment construction at Ara University of Canterbury whilst living in New Zealand. During this time, I felt very conflicted about the industry I would be entering into. The reality of making clothes isn't always as glamorous as it seems. It can be incredibly wasteful, polluting and exploitative.

I watched an eye-opening documentary called ‘The True Cost’ half way through my studies. It brought me to a real fork in the road on my journey. I felt I could either turn away from fashion altogether … or keep going and try to improve the path I was treading as I went along. I choose the latter, and hope to contribute something of value in the slow-fashion realm.

What does ‘slow-fashion’ mean to you?

To me, good slow-fashion should encourage long-lasting connections with items which really speak to the wearer, and change with you over time. Clothing with stories that become increasingly enriched with each wear.

It means taking the time to make carefully considered choices and place value on quality over quantity. I think it's also really important to know the origin of our clothes, and acknowledge the person behind the purchase.

I'm passionate about making a positive impact through my work and feel strongly about moving towards a more sustainable future in which we can all experience better ethics, transparency and accountability.

Why have you chosen to exhibit at Fair Trader?

I’m a strong advocate of shopping locally with independent artists and makers as much as possible, so the ethos and collective approach behind Fair Trader really brings together all those elements that make shopping small so special to me. The space is such a feast for the eyes and I always come away feeling inspired after a visit. So it’s a real honour to be invited to showcase my work here, especially as a Co-Founder of Thread Republic – a project which is rooted in community. I’m really looking forward to sharing the love of sewing during the workshops we have planned in such a beautiful space, surrounded by creativity.

Holly Carr, January 2022






You can see a selection of Holly's work in the top room at Fair Trader during February and March.

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