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How small businesses can cooperate and work together

If you get chance to come into Holmfirth during April, you will be met by a barrage of bunting and flowers!

The vast majority of shops here are independent, meaning that Holmfirth offers something different to other towns. These businesses have worked really hard to keep going this year, many providing delivery services to those that have needed it, and a lot of them completely reinventing the way they do things.

In March a small group of retailers decided to start a retail group and work as a whole, rather than as individuals, to encourage people safely back into Holmfirth to shop. The original group grew and it was wonderful to get to know everyone and work together.

We have all contributed towards costs and our shared “blooming marvellous” campaign aims to show valley folk that traders have a spring in their step and are keen to get Holmfirth back on the shopping map. Although many urban areas are worried about their futures due to home working and online shopping, small towns like Holmfirth have a bright future ahead and every reason to be optimistic.

If you get chance to come on over and visit our lovely town, Holmfirth is ready to welcome you back. And it would be “blooming marvellous” to see you again!

Fair Trader, April 2021

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