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Updated: Nov 10, 2021

We are very excited to introduce you to Lucy Cartledge of LDMDesign, one of the artists who will be showcasing their work at featured@ fair trader for the next few months.

I have always been hands-on, and love anything creative! I come from a creative background, my mum being an artist and my stepdad a graphic designer; I have always admired the process. Furthering my creative journey, I studied Printed Textiles & Surface Pattern Design at Leeds Arts University, graduating in 2015. I had always dreamt of creating my own business and wanted to make sure I did this sustainably.

I call myself an eco-conscious artist, as I consider the environment in every step of the creative process and focus on creating pieces that evoke happiness, memories with hope of an emotional connection, increasing longevity.

I love the originality and organic nature of hand processes and tend to lean more towards them. When creating my business, I needed to find a way of achieving the printmaking process at home. Lino relief printing was the answer, and it is such a lovely, mindful process. I start off with pencil to paper, carving into the lino, doing test prints and then printing by hand.

Another love of mine is creating watercolour paintings. This was my late mother’s chosen medium and she was so very talented with it, I have always admired watercolour since watching her create the most beautiful paintings. I am inspired by nature, and we do have plenty surrounding us, so my daily walks with my dog Watson always aid my inspiration.

The ethos of LDMDesign is to consider the environment in every step, from the creative process, through finding sustainable resources and suppliers, to packaging and sending my creations. My ethos is very much in line with Fair Trader's. I became the shop’s buyer at the start of this year, and love that I have a job part-time alongside my business. I also believe in the bigger picture, and the sustainability at Fair Trader I believe is a perfect example of how retail should be!

Lucy Cartledge, November 2021


You can see a selection of Lucy's work in the top room at Fair Trader over November and December.

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