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Meet Thread Republic

Updated: Feb 10

Fair Trader is very excited to introduce you to Thread Republic, a group of textile artists who will be showcasing their work at featured@ fair trader throughout February and March.

Thread Republic is a local textile practice that’s been recently founded, which offers workshops, socials and events with a focus on sustainability, creativity, community and wellbeing.

It is a collaborative project from the hearts and minds of four Kirklees-based women working in textiles & fashion – Zero Waste Designer-Maker Holly Carr (pocket), Creative Workshop Leader Kim Searle (Darn it! Workshops), Socially-Engaged Textile Artist Nicola Thompson (Nicola Twynham) and Sustainable Fashion Consultant Julia Roebuck (Upcycle Fashion).

We are an affiliate of Mend Assembly (Totnes, Devon) along with Stitch Department (Ryde, Isle of Wight). Each group takes a local approach, working in our communities to offer alternatives to clothing consumption, use and disposal. Our shared knowledge will enable us to collaborate, explore and implement solutions to address issues of textile waste, lack of basic sewing and mending skills and clothing over-consumption. We are combining our joint expertise to build a community of like-minded makers, upcyclers, artists, crafters, alteration experts, menders and teachers who want to create and innovate together. We aim to provide goods and services which offer an alternative to the traditional linear lifecycle of our clothing and textiles. By celebrating the art of making, repair and repurposing we can ensure pieces stay in our lives for longer to be cherished and used frequently.

We’re so excited to be working with Fair Trader and to be launching our very first programme of events in such a beautiful space. We love the community around the shop and hope our workshops will be a welcome addition over the next two months.

Thread Republic, January2022





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