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Our Global Christmas Greetings!

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

This year we wanted to take an alternative look at our Christmas window. Our usual snowflakes and tinsel have been replaced with a burst of colour and imagination! We wanted the window to celebrate our favourite time of year by standing in support and solidarity with our wonderful suppliers around the world, irrespective of country, traditions, religion or language. Fair Trader was founded on a desire to help those less fortunate than us, and every penny you spend with us helps us to do just that – what an incredible gift that is! So please, enjoy our window, enjoy the outstanding selection of gifts we have (I really think we’ve outdone ourselves this year!) and remember that by shopping with us, you are helping to support communities all over the world.

Our Christmas window was designed and made by Paul Brennan. Paul has designed several windows for the shop over the past few years including a giant necklace, an advent calendar and a Valentine’s Day cherry blossom - Holme style. Paul started his career as a textile designer and then taught art for 15 years before becoming Director for Education. He ‘retired’ in 2018, however has continued to support many educational organisations in an attempt to avoid the job list his wife gives him! His retirement has allowed him to reignite his love of art and design. One day he may even exhibit some of his work in our Featured@ Fair Trader space on the top floor of the shop.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to Paul and his wife Kay for their beautiful work on the window and their continued support and dedication to Fair Trader, we’re so lucky to have you both as part of the team!

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