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Pop-up shop or creative artspace?

Updated: Jan 25

Make up your own mind – visit featured@ fair trader

You’ve not been? You’ve been in, but forgotten to visit the top room?

It’s worth making a special trip to view the beautiful artworks of Kate Thornton and Jo Blaker, with their distinctive and memorable themes of nature in and around Holmfirth.

It was a while coming, but we decided at Fair Trader to transform the use and feel of our top room. Over the past couple of years this room has been used to house our tweed collection, but now we have been able to incorporate our tweed goods downstairs and dedicate the top room to local makers.

We hope by instigating featured@ fair trader we can showcase the fabulous work of our local creators, and give customers an opportunity to buy some of their work. There are prints, cards and original pieces to suit everyone’s taste and pocket.

Jo and Kate will be exhibiting in the top room at featured@ fair trader until the end of August. In September and October we will have some new creators up there, and every two or three months the space will transform anew.

If you would like to be one of our featured creators/designers, please get in touch at fairtraderscoop@gmail.com.

Fair Trader, July 2021

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