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‘Tis the season to … stop buying plastic toys?

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Tikiri toys

Sick of plastic? Try something different this year – toys from natural materials (rubber, organic cotton…), coloured with plant dyes and ethically made.

Safer for children (all meet or exceed European toy safety standards), fairly traded and better for the environment. We have something for every price pocket, from £2 to £200. Choose a toy that’s built to last that doesn’t pollute the earth.

Organic super-soft cuddly rabbit, elephant and bear are made by Sri Lankan ethical brand Tikiri. Don’t miss out on our Christmas offer of a beautiful organic sloth-print gift bag with each of these larger animals (while stocks last)! Or how about Tikiri bath-time fun with little hippo, giraffe or sheep? For babies we have safari lion and giraffe teethers. Totally natural. No plastic in sight; after all, teethers are designed to go in the mouth. Older children will love the zany coloured moving mice and dolphins.

On a bigger scale, Plan Toys Slide ‘n Go Scandinavian-style wooden playhouse is stunning and has lots of interesting furniture; about as far away from sugar-pink ‘girl’s doll’s house’ as you can get. Plan Toys was started by one man who transformed his part of rural Indonesia from smog-ridden (think New Delhi) villages continually burning old rubber trees, to an organisation making toys from the same material, using the waste as biomass fuel and gifting the electricity generated back to the farmers.

Water Ways is a play set with pure rubber tray and rubber wood people, little boats, island, trees and fish. Perfect for splashing around with outdoors on a sunny day!

If you’re looking for an heirloom piece then Lanka Kade Noah’s Ark is hard to beat. Complete with Mr and Mrs Noah and animals galore.

These are just a few of the stories behind our toys for babies and small children. Let’s support the suppliers and their families around the world and make a stand against plastic.

Read more about the campaign for fast-food outlets to ditch plastic toys: BBC 11 April 2019.

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