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Yorkshire donations help women in Malawi

A disabled women’s cooperative in Malawi was delighted to receive some gifts from Yorkshire recently. Two members of Fair Trader donated sewing machines, and CART (Christian African Relief Trust) in Lockwood, Huddersfield, donated folding wheelchairs. CART organised the shipment and the items were delivered by John Mulangeni of The Malawi Federation of Cooperatives (MAFECO).

Women and girls with disabilities in Africa experience greater discrimination than disabled men and non-disabled women, arising from the dual effect of their gender and disability.

The women of this cooperative live in Malaza, near Nkhata Bay in the Northern Region of Malawi. Here is part of their response, translated from their language, Tonga:

“Thank you, thank you, thank you to all involved in getting these things to us. It will help us make face masks to sell and support ourselves and the folding wheelchairs will allow us to get onto the minibus* and thereby get to the town. We never expected this, so God bless you and please continue your work to help others in our situation.”

*They currently only have chairs that will not fold up.

Video: John Mulangeni delivering the sewing machines and wheelchairs to the cooperative

Fair Trader – August 2020

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