Printmaker Specialising in Screen Printing: Dan Booth

Dan Booth is an artist who specialises in the intricate art of screen printing. His creations stem from his personal collection of photographs, which prominently feature serene landscapes, majestic trees, and familiar local landmarks.

Deconstruction and Reconstruction

dan booth in his studio

Within the confines of screen printing’s inherent limitations, Dan revels in the challenge of disassembling a photographic image and then meticulously reconstructing it. This process has birthed his distinctive style, often described as ‘photographic, yet not’, imbuing his prints with an elusive quality that sets them apart.

Abstract Creations

Dan’s creative prowess isn’t limited to realism alone. He ventures into the realm of abstract art through his screen prints, a product of spontaneous doodles, paper stencil experiments, and serendipitous studio discoveries. His focus shifts to the interplay of form and colour, granting him the freedom of pure artistic expression.

Passion for Colour and Composition

A common thread that links all of Dan’s works is an unyielding passion for delving into the depths of colour harmonies and compositional arrangements. This exploration becomes the heartbeat of his portfolio.

Background and Journey

Dan’s artistic journey began in the outskirts of Bradford, his hometown. After studying Graphic Design at the University of Salford, he embarked on a 15-year chapter in Manchester. In 2009, he returned to his Yorkshire roots, settling in Slaithwaite. He shares, “While I cherished my time in Manchester, the landscape on this side of the Pennines resonates more with me—it’s a wellspring of inspiration for both my art and life.”

Inspired by Landscape

Dan’s art is a testament to his deep connection with the Yorkshire landscape. The serene surroundings fuel his creative fire, instilling in him a sense of artistic purpose that transcends mere technique.

Mix of Old and New

At the upcoming Fair Trader exhibition, Dan will present a harmonious fusion of his past and present endeavors. An eagerly awaited highlight is the introduction of his tree mini prints to the public eye, a testament to his continuous exploration of new avenues.

Innovative Techniques

Dan is currently immersed in experimenting with a blend of photography and mono-printing techniques. By directly applying ink to screens, he has discovered a swifter, more immediate approach that accelerates idea development. These newfound methods are set to take centre stage in his upcoming projects, charting the course for his artistic evolution.