Beautiful organic soap with aromas of fresh meadows and blossom, created by a collaboration of ARTHOUSE Unlimited artists. Presented in  dazzling gold-embellished packaging.


  • 100g paraben-free organic soap
  • Triple-milled for a longer-lasting, luxurious lather
  • Made in the UK using  high quality essential oils
  • Produced with carefully-sourced ingredients that are both sustainable and kind to the environment
  • Vegan friendly, plant-based ingredients.

ARTHOUSE Unlimited Pollen & Bloom Organic Soap

SKU: CB0492
    • ARTHOUSE Unlimited is a not-for-profit business celebrating the work of people with complex epilepsy and learning disabilities, all of whom need different levels of support. Artists work alongside instructors to create unique commercial products which are then sold in shops such as Fair Trader.


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