Providing suet and seeds outdoors is a wonderful way to encourage birds into your garden space, ensuring they remain fit and healthy all year round. This bird cake kit contains a cake mould to hold the bird cake in place whilst the bird feeds and enough suet and birdseed for you to create your first batch of cakes. After that, enjoy creating and testing your own cake recipes! The perfect gift for any environmentally conscious gardener and bird enthusiast.



  • Vegan suet seeds
  • Recipes/instructions
  • A guide to which seeds attract which birds
  • A unique cake mould/feeder crafted from recycled yogurt pots
  • Size: 8 cm
  • Colour: Blue
  • UK-made

Circular&Co. Bird Cake Kit

SKU: CA7395
    • Circular&Co. (formerly ashortwalk) is driven by its mission to design innovative green products that help the planet.  


    • Since 2003 the company has been working with a network of industry experts to develop circular solutions, using the ‘closed loop’ design principle to make materials destined for landfill into genuinely useful, sustainable and well-designed products.