Take delight in growing your own beautiful bouquet which will continue to grow year on year and be an source of colourful cut flowers. Contained within a rustic natural brown bio-degradable pot is a selection of British grown seeds which will bloom together to form a fragrant and bountiful bouquet. Not only will they look and smell beautiful but they will be a nectar source for butterflies and bees.

Seedlings Bucket Bouquet Growing Set

SKU: AA4637
    • Seedlings is a card and gift company which wants to give back to the environment whilst creating lasting sentiments.


    • The seeds are British-grown, from native varieties of wildflower which are integral to maintaining habitats for a whole host of wildlife.


    • The company sources materials locally where possible and employs a small team of local people.


    • Seedlings has a strong and detailed commitment to continually improve and monitor its environmental performance.