This single estate Arabica from the COCAFCAL Co-Op, Honduras, is decaffeinated in fresh spring water without the use of harsh chemicals often associated with cheap decaffeination processes. Removing the bitter caffeine leaves this coffee with a sweet, clean, cake-like flavour. 


Choose Ground or Beans.


250g pack.

Dark Woods 'Lamplight' Decaf

SKU: CA5647
Ground or Beans?
    • Dark Woods is an adventurous Coffee Roaster and Barista School started in 2013 by founders with many years’ experience in roasting, sourcing, consultancy, training and machine development within the UK coffee industry. It has won multiple awards for outstanding coffee blends.
    • The company works with established farms passed down through the generations, small farmers and community run co-operatives.
    • It is part of the World Coffee Research “Check-off” programme, contributing towards global coffee sustainability.
    • Read more about Dark Woods in our Suppliers' Stories.

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