An exciting, classic, big flavoured, hand-blended, Earl Grey tea.


Tasting notes: citrus, floral


If you haven't tried Earl Grey Tea before, this is the one to go for: naturally delicate, floral bergamot flavour and beautiful cornflowers ... a treat for the mind.

Suki Earl Grey Blue Flowers Tea

SKU: CA4654
    • Suki Tea promotes ethical supplier practices and operates in a socially, economically and environmentally sustainable manner.


    • Where possible, the company aims to offer teas and products that have been sourced from accredited farms, gardens and providers.


    • In a range of almost 50 loose leaf teas, 40% carry Fairtrade, Organic or Rainforest Alliance certifications.  


    • Travelling to source is a crucial part of Suki's ethos of transparency.

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