100ml bottle PLUS convenient 10ml bamboo pocket-size mister which allows you to take your sanitiser wherever you go. Simply fill from the 100ml bottle as required. Beautifully presented in 100% recycled packaging, making it ideal for gifting.


To create each fragrance, essential oils are blended with 80% ABV (alcohol by volume) hand sanitiser:


  • Fruity: lime and blackberry essential oils create a sweet zesty citrus balanced with juicy berry notes.
  • Fresh: earl grey, neroli and grapefruit essential oils create clean and fresh notes of citrus with a very light floral and subtly sweet finish.
  • Citrus: red mandarin, bergamont and verbena essential oils create big notes of freshly-cut citrus fruits followed by a tangy lemon finish.
  • Floral: lavender, geranium and palmarosa essential oils create a floral, fresh, sweet, herbaceous and slightly fruity aroma.

Goodmist Hand Sanitiser

SKU: CB0487
    • Goodmist’s products are made from 100% sustainable resources and are specifically designed to be reusable and recyclable.  


    • Packaging is 100% paper-based, 100% compostable and recyclable. 


    • Goods are made and bottled in Scotland to the highest possible standards. 

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