This wild at heart set will create a beautiful wildflower patch. Contained within a beautiful illustrated burlap bag you'll find British-grown wildflower seeds, coir (coconut husk) compost disks, a wooden plant marker, instructions card and a plantable palm leaf planter. Fill the planter with compost and scatter your seeds on top, covering with a light layer of compost. Moisten and place on a window sill and once the seedlings emerge plant the whole planter into the ground to create your very own heart shaped mini meadow!

Seedlings Grow Your Own Heart Wildflower Patch

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    • Seedlings is a card and gift company which wants to give back to the environment whilst creating lasting sentiments.


    • The seeds are British-grown, from native varieties of wildflower which are integral to maintaining habitats for a whole host of wildlife.


    • The company sources materials locally where possible and employs a small team of local people.


    • Seedlings has a strong and detailed commitment to continually improve and monitor its environmental performance.