This facial scrub uses a delicate blend of unrefined sea salt (Soil Association certified) and organic sunflower seed oil combined with organic rose geranium essential oil. 


The fine grain salt gently exfoliates the skin and sloughs away dirt and dead skin cells whilst the sunflower seed oil feeds and moisturises the freshly smooth skin, leaving your skin feeling polished, soft and heavenly. 


This facial scrub is ideal for many different skin conditions or simply just for those who adore the gentle, heady rose scent.

Skin Care Facial Scrub - Rose Geranium

SKU: CB0186
    • Suma values honesty and transparency in its relationships with its suppliers, customers and consumers.  


    • Partnerships with food banks and using unsellable items in the company canteen minimises food sent to landfill.  


    • In partnership with environmental group Treesponsibility on their CO2mittment scheme, Suma plants in the region of 5,300 trees each year to offset the carbon produced by its fleet of delivery trucks.  


    • Everything Suma sells is 100% vegetarian, all products are cruelty-free, and animal welfare is a top priority in sourcing.  


    • Suma adheres to the principles set out by the International Co-operative Alliance. 

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